HUMBL – Building a Web 3 Platform

At HUMBL, we are developing a Web 3 platform. So, what does that mean?

At HUMBL, we are developing a Web 3 platform. So, what does that mean? You’ve probably heard the far-ranging attempts by CEO’s in the global media, trying to describe their company plans for this next phase of the blockchain-based worldwide web and the metaverse, and perhaps left even more confused.

HUMBL Is Building a Web 3 Platform

In the case of HUMBL, we are recording one of the first attempts in the world to build a full funnel technology stack for Web 3 across consumers, corporations and government.

Our company thesis is that Web 3 will be massive, fragmented and decentralized.  Therefore, we believe customers will require a simple set of “front door” Web 3 utilities such as the HUMBL Search Engine (“Search 3”), use case layers such as the HUMBL Mobile Wallet (“HUMBL”) and the power of fully decentralized blockchain technologies to verify, authenticate and transact (ex: “BLOCKS").

HUMBL - Company Organization and Structure

Below is a simple diagram, designed to help communicate how our business is organized, as well as the technology stack that we are developing to accomplish the mission.

A Full Funnel, Web 3 Technology Stack

At HUMBL, we are building a full-funnel Web 3 technology stack inside one corporate brand. A simple platform that combines centralized and decentralized technologies, into an intelligent funnel that will allow even mid-market customers to begin understanding and using Web 3.

Aligning The Web 3 Technology Stack Amidst Global Proliferation

As I have mentioned on Twitter, companies like Coinbase are also starting to define what the Web 3 technology stack may look like. Compare the diagram below, to what we are building at HUMBL, above, in terms of layers of development.

The similarities in proposed Web 3 technology stack, tell me that the market is starting to hone-in on the Web 3 concept may look like. If we can all meet in the middle somewhere, it will be to the benefit of consumers around the world and a vision worth pursuing for all of us in technology.