Who is BLUE?

Famous Relatives

Justin Bieber
Logan Paul
Serena Williams
Jimmy Fallon
Mark Cuban
Shaquille O'Neal
Snoop Dogg
Stephen Curry
Steve Aoki

BLUE's Transformation

Just chilling,
without a job.


Web3 Me
Still chilling, but
‍with a job.

"Fresh Ape Kit"

Since BLUE met our CEO, he’s been transformed. In exchange for taking the job at HUMBL, BLUE has agreed to spruce himself up with a "Fresh Ape" kit to give himself a shave and quit smoking.

Navigating the Web3 Jungle

Web3 is representative of a new era of technology with potential advancements in many industries. Although there is much to learn and grasp, Web3 will soon be a significant component of your digital life. Join BLUE in exploring our interactive Web3 Jungle map below.

What is BLUE Up To?

Internally at HUMBL

All HUMBL employees received a customized, one-of-one version of BLUE with specific features and backgrounds that fit their personal style. They are all 'Verified by BLOCKS' and available on the HUMBL website.

Glenn Shaw
Cynthia Navarro
Ivan Romero
Nick Moncur
Phil Finch
Juan Luis
Michele Rivera
Drew Foster
Calvin Weight

Externally with Partners

BLUE is already excited to start work on HUMBL marketing campaigns and external partnerships, like his upcoming game of the Apes vs. Dawgs on July 9th at Penn State, where he will be featured on a commemorative baseball jersey.