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Government agencies play a pivotal role in the credentialing ecosystem. They issue the highest standards of credentials, like ID's and passports, upon which business trust is built. From federal governments to municipal agencies, our HBS e-Government solutions offer secure and reliable credentials for many forms of identification, commerce and regulation.


The use of credentialing in SMB's not only increases security, but also opens the doors to new business segments. SMB's can use the HUMBL Blockchain Services platform to apply for business licenses from government agencies, insurance from insurance providers, as well as act as verifiers for their employees on KYC (Know Your Customer) information.

Educational Institutions

A fast growing area of digital demand is coming from educational institutions that are seeking to issue diplomas, degrees and attendance verification via blockchain solutions. Our HBS verifiable credentials can deliver blockchain solutions for universities, high schools, employers and more that are seeking a better system of verification for credentialing.

Medical Records

COVID-19 has pushed federal, state and local governments around the world to establish new forms of testing and verification. HBS can help governments, health care and medical services providers establish blockchain-based solutions that preserve patient rights and data privacy, while delivering key information such as COVID-19 test results and vaccination cards.

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