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A new way to connect, share and pay around the world.

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Connect with customers digitally

HUMBL is a connected customer experience where merchants can take their business into the digital economy.

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HUMBL Mobile Pay features


Get more eyes on your business by listing it on HUMBL’s Discover Page.

100% Contactless pay

Instantly accept an additional form of payment by using HUMBL as a hardware-free, digital POS System.

Rate and review

No more fake ratings. Reviews can only be made after a purchase.


Become a digital merchant with HUMBL Mobile Pay

Become a digital merchant in 4 steps

Step 1

Download the HUMBL Pay app

Step 2

Create your personal HUMBL account

Why do I need a personal account too?

All merchant accounts are created by HUMBL users. This helps prevent bots from using HUMBL.

Step 3

Create a HUMBL merchant account

Step 4

Order a HUMBL Merchant Kit

Includes a HUMBL poster, one window sticker, and two custom 4" x 6" counter signs with your QR code.

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Merchant FAQs

How can I become a merchant?


Once you have successfully registered, you will be able to create a merchant account. To do so, enter the flow from the home screen carousel or select "Become a Merchant" from the main menu.

Can I claim a merchant username or account?


Yes, you can create a new account to claim a different merchant username. If you'd like to claim an existing username, please follow the link to our merchant resource page.

How can I delete my merchant account?


Please follow the link to our merchant resource page.

Would you like to improve your marketing visibility?


Please follow the link to our merchant resource page.

How long does it take to accept payments as a merchant?


Once your bank account information has been verified and successfully connected to your HUMBL merchant account, you should start receiving payments.